About Us

Assam is well known for its biodiversity,having diverse flora and fauna. At the same time it is also host to two indigenious silk namely Eri and Muga. We are a fast growing organization to bring out the best products blending the current fashion, organic dyes on these silks.
Eri silkworm also known as Samia cynthia is a totally domesticated silkworm just like Bombyx mori.Eri silk yarn is a spun yarn.Because of its thermal properties it is used for making shawls,stoles,jackets,etc.As eri silk has a soft texture and it can absorb moisture so it used for making baby dresses and other garments like sarees, etc.It is also used for making furnishing items like cushion covers, curtains, etc because of its durability and texture. All the products are blended with only organic dyes.Some of the dyes used are indigo, turmeric,harda,brazil wood,tea leaves, cow dung,etc. Muga on the other hand is an exotic silk found only in Assam.It has a natural golden sheen and is a GI(Geographical Indication) product of Assam.It is used for making garments like sarees,shirts,kurtas,ties,etc.